This most massive charity event of the International Women's Club in Sofia took place for the 23rd time on the 3rd of December at Inter Expo Center.

On the 27th of October, in the Sofia City Art Gallery was organized a solemn ceremony for the annual awards of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists for 2016/2017.

According to statistics, Bulgaria is among the best in Europe for new car sales for the first 8 months of 2017. Our growth is almost 18% and the prospects for the end of the year are very high.

The Grand Prix for 2017 won the singer Rossella Zitiello from Italy. "Diplomatic Spectrum" was the media partner of the event

During the International Book Fair in Beijing this August, Lyuben Kozarev, manager of the "East-West" Publishing House, and Petko Hinov, a Chinese-Bulgarian translator, were awarded the Prize for Special Contribution to the Chinese Book.

For centuries, nearly 60 000 movable cultural values have been collected in the museum - the "living" memory of Bulgaria’s past