Since ancient times on that day all Bulgarians give each other martenitsi - twisted red and white threads. Legends are told about this unique beautiful tradition, part of the Bulgarian intangible cultural heritage. Some are related to the proto-Bulgarians of khan Asparuh, others are even older.

On this day is the first ceremonial trimming of the vines, rituals for fertility are performed. Before sunrise every housewife boils a hen, prepares ritual “Trifonovski” bread and other dishes.

It is 130 years since the birth of Nikola Tanev—both literally and figuratively one of the most colourful of Bulgarian artists.

January. Тhe folk custom sourvakane – a real jewel in the intangible cultural heritage of Bulgaria.

24th of December is an Official holiday for Bulgarians – Christmas Eve. Awaiting Christ’s Nativity the whole family gathers around the table for a dinner of meatless dishes.

Christo Javacheff-Christo (1935 - 2020)