On the 27th of May at the "Earth and Man" Museum, the cultural representation of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Sofia and the "Bulgarian Art - Orpheus Testament" Foundation, organized a "Night in the Persian Garden".

The cultural event - a wonderful syncretic product, filled the souls of the audience with beauty, showing them a piece of the Iranian culture.

Upon entering the hall, the audience was caught up by the photographs of the exhibition of  Bettina Petrova, and taken around the rich cultural heritage of Ancient Persia. However, the author did not miss to tell about the contemporary achievements of the present-day Iran as well. Mr. Mohammadali Kiani, Cultural Affairs Advisor at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Republic of Bulgaria, welcomed the attendees and thanked the artistswho contributed to the realization of the event. Then they took everyone on a wonderful journey through the "Persian garden" full of poetry, music and beauty.

Verses, read in Persian by Dr. Nabiola Masoumi - an Iranian philosopher and poet, and in Bulgarian by the actress Vasilka Sugareva whispered about eternal themes - friendship, love, family, duty, responsibility ... The Persian philosophy woven into them was in a wonderful harmony with the European music and dance choreography. The performances of Angela Madjarova - harp, Rozalina Kasabova - viola, Ganka Nedelcheva - piano, Rosen Idealov - clarinet, and Iliana Petrova-Salasar - choreographer and dancer, filled the atmosphere with lyrical harmony.

During the event, Bulgarian students from the school of the artist Ivan Yahnadzhiev turned their colourful fantasies into paintings which at the end of the show they gave to the present Iranian children.

Finally, all got,not only the satisfaction of a well spent evening, but also the collection of poems of the great Iranian poetess Parvin Etesami /1907-1941/.