On the 13th of December, the book of the famous Serbian historian Sima Ćirković, Serbs Among European Nations was presented as part of the International Book Fair in Sofia at the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia. It is translated into Bulgarian by Stefan Stoyanov and was published in 2017 by "Agata-a" Publishing House.

As the publishers themselves say, the book fills a huge gap of our knowledge regarding our neighbours. "With his remarkable scholarship, Sima Ćirković makes a complete chronological representation of the more important aspects of the historical development of the Serbian people, from their settling on the Balkan territories during the Roman Empire in the 7th century until the most recent time, a historiographic attempt to illuminate the existence of the Serbs, taking into account the factors of utmost importance for their emergence, development and preservation as a social group. Brilliant synthesis of the boundary of "classical" historiography and the philosophy of history, the book also offers rich scientific tools - a set of black and white illustrations, historical maps, a detailed bibliography and a name booklet."

The evening in the embassy was exhilarating and eruditely presented by the Bulgarian historian academician Vasil Gjuzelev and by Dr. Srdjan Pirivatrić of the Byzantine Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences, who is also the author of the preface in the Bulgarian edition.

Photo: Diplomatic Spectrum