They were presented in the exhibition organized by the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Bulgaria and the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with the Ethnographic Museum - BAS. From the 25th of August to the 5th of September the visitors of the museum could enjoy the unique works of Ukrainian masters of embroidery.

The exhibition was dedicated to the 24th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine. Especially for its opening in Sofia came representatives of the town Dnipropetrovsk - Lyudmila Dvornichenko, Olga Rodkinaand, ValentinaPerederiy.

In the evening the Ukrainian Ambassador - His Excellency Dr. Mykola Baltazhi, said that the embroidered cloth is an old Ukrainian tradition, it is a symbol of Ukraine and reflects the cultural memory of the people. In her patterns are stored ancient runes, the images of the "tree of life", the symbolism of the color red. "I am convinced that we will see much in common between Ukrainian embroidered towels and traditions of the Bulgarian national embroidery. The similarity and likeness - these are our deep common roots. The diversity and the differences - are our wealth. The more you learn about the different particularities and national cultures, the more enriched we get". He added that after Sofia, thanks to the Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Bulgaria, the exhibition will visit Plovdiv and Burgas. It has already been shown in Ruse.

Photos: magazine "Diplomatic spectrum"