On the 16th of November, the Austrian Embassy in Sofia invited its friends in the Tea House, 11 D. Benkovski Str, for the presentation of the play "The Island of the Pelicans".

The author - the young Austrian Stefan Lac, attended the event. The translation of the play was made by Vladko Murdarov, and the play itself was presented by the actors Iskra Donova, Darin Angelov and Dejan Angelov.
Stefan Lac was born in 1981 in Vienna. He studied journalism and Theatre Studies. His first play "Buried," written in 2004, was a great success. Today, Stefan Lac has written several plays, the most famous of which is probably "The state of the Beaches" concerning the issue of crimes against human nature.
"Island of the Pelicans” tells the story of two young men who live thousands of miles apart - in Mexico and in Austria, but are linked by misery. Both cannot walk because they have lost their legs in an accident. Kave - while trying to cross the border illegally to the United States, and Thomas - in a car crash. Both were in their thoughts on their way to a new life. Whether the exemption from the surrounding reality will remain just a dream for them? Is Cavell going to succeed at his next attempt? Whether Thomas will find his desired world? These are the questions.

Information and photo provided by the Austrian Embassy in Sofia.
Graphic design of the cover - Maria Valkova.