On the 27th of March in the Niko’las 0ᵒ/360ᵒ restaurant in the capital was held the annual press conference of the Tourist Board of Germany.

On it, in an extremely pleasant atmosphere, up-to-date information was presented about the country as a tourist destination. The accent fell on the charm of culinary Germany.

The event was opened by Marcus Haas, Head of the "Culture and Media Relations" at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany. The latest facts and figures were presented by Christian Salay - Marketing and Sales Manager and Tiana Djuričić, PR Manager.

German inbound tourism in 2017 marked a record result. "From January to December, the Federal Statistical Office of Germany reported 83.9 million international night-sleeps at shelters with at least 10 beds. This is 3.1 million more than in 2016. This is a 3.6% increase over the previous year" said the board. Most tourists come from Europe, but the number of those from the USA, Brazil, Canada, Central America, Russia, India, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and others has also increased.

The interest of Bulgarians towards Germany is also growing. "Bulgarian citizens like to travel very much. In 2017, the size of visitors coming from Bulgaria amounted to 5.3 million". The rates are expected to rise even further in the future. Bulgarians travel to Germany for business, for rest, excursions, or for various other occasions.

German cuisine is one of the 10 reasons why Germany is for an eighth consecutive year the second most desirable tourist destination for Europeans. The event brought out interesting information about the culinary traditions in the country. Dishes from all over the world can be found in its cities, but also traditional German. There are specialties from all continents - the German culinary scene is open to the world. But it does not lack the delicious flavors of the grandmother's pan. It's no accident that Germany boasts with having over 300 restaurants with one or more Michelin stars.

The invited guests at the Annual Press Conference of the German Tourist Board had the opportunity to taste the typical tastes of the German cuisine. The host of the event, Tsvetomir Nikolov, owner of the restaurant Niko'las 0ᵒ / 360ᵒ, prepared for the guests a wonderful German menu, accompanied by a glass of German Riesling.