The teachers of the 8th SU "Vasil Levski" started working on the "Pathway through Religions" project.

The migrations to Europe and between the European countries are part of the living history of the continent. As a result of this phenomenon, the cultural and religious identity of the European population is changing dynamically.

This is the idea of the project, which the 8th SU "Vasil Levski" Sofia starts in partnership with 9 other institutions from 5 European countries: Bulgaria, Great Britain, Italy, Turkey and France. "Diplomatic Spectrum" is an associate partner.

The objectives of the project are:

• To encourage understanding of religions and endorse tolerance

• To provide teachers with competences to work within multi-cultural classes

• To develop the social, civic and intercultural competences of the pupils and to prevent discrimination

The main target groups of the project are teachers and students from elementary schools.

The project activities will be organized in the following phases:

Phase 1 - A Guide for Teachers in order to Work in a Multicultural Classroom

The guide aims to provide secondary school teachers with a coherent set of teaching materials to develop the skills needed, to address the challenges of multicultural classes arising from migration and the refugee phenomenon.

Phase 2 - Interactive Didactic Map of Religious Sites

The phase is dedicated to creating an Interactive Didactic Map of the religious sites: holy places, temples and/or works of art that are religiously significant and build a coherent set of teaching materials that will help deepen the knowledge of the different beliefs that co-exist on the territory of Europe.

Phase 3 - An Online Course on Comparative Analysis of Religious Traditions

The phase is dedicated to creating an online training course to encourage better integration of students of diverse origins and of different religious beliefs into classes, by promoting mutual understanding.

Phase 4 - Training and Multiplying Events

Workshops aimed at teachers, school principals, civil servants and other enthusiasts will be organized to present and test the results of the project.

The project is funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Program.

Official Pathway through Religions website

Photo: 8th SU "Vasil Levski", Sofia