On October 17, at a ceremony in the Armenian capital Yerevan, by the invitation of the Minister of the Diaspora Mrs. Hranush Hakobyan dozens of prominent names from the public life of the Armenian nation were awarded for "active contribution to the preservation of Armenian culture",

people donating their energy, knowledge and financial resources for preservation of Armenian lifestyle, culture and traditions. The award was established 5 years ago by the Ministry of Diaspora in Armenia.

On this exciting ceremony the prestigious title and governmental praise got Mrs. Mariam Garabedyan, moderator of foundation Araks, Plovdiv, and doctor Ahavni Kevorkyan, from the Armenian cultural center in Plovdiv and advisor of the cultural matters in the Armenian consulate in Plovdiv.

Upon receiving the award, Dr. Kevorkian made a speech to thank Minister Hakobyan and the worthy and noble Armenians from around the world in the hall:

„I accept the award as a great honor and appreciation for my work and as a paid debt to my close people, who lost their lives hundred years ago,  just for the Armenian honor. They lost their land, their temples and samples of our culture were destroyed, but even scattered in the world, away from their homeland, they, small group of people, stayed Armenians.  Today we are proud because we have 25 years old independent Armenian Republic and united Diaspora, with one cause - to be proud successors of our old nation. Thanks to Mrs. Hakobyan and the ministry of  the Diaspora for our work. Thanks to all young people who assist us and to Mr. Ehiazar Uzunyan - the consul of Armenian Republic in Plovdiv, whose patriotism and inspiration are the support for the realization of many significant projects.“

The 3 days in Yerevan were full of meetings, useful conversations with culture and art figures, representatives of voluntary organizations and  time for outlining new opportunities.

Except the awards and inspiration from Yerevan, the young ladies brought also the new book of Mrs. Hakobyan for the talented jeweler family- Kelemkiaryan. The book contains important facts for the life of the family and priceless examples of the jeweler art, which they made. The book will be available for everyone who is interest in the uwelirian art in the Armenian cultural center in Plovdiv.

 Photo: personal archive of Dr. Ahavni Kevorkian