The tenure of the Iranian cultural counselor in Bulgaria - Mr. Mohammad Ali Kiani, is finished. It has been a bright period of time memorable by the huge activities for popularizing the rich Iranian culture and its achievements before the Bulgarian society.

During the four years in our country, Mr. Kiani has contributed and assisted the publishing and translation (from Persian into Bulgarian) of dozens of  books on the history, culture and literature of Iran, as well as the relations between both nations succeeding in reaching a wide range of Bulgarian readers. Mr. Kiani has also managed to make brilliant presence of the Iranian cinema in Bulgaria along the Month of the Iranian Cinema within the framework of Sofia MENAR Film Festival and through the "Love is Folly" Festival, as well. Every year almost, the Bulgarian public is eagerly awaiting the selection of Iranian films to be presented later on. All that resulted in strengthening exchanges between cultural and scientific functionaries, artists and journalists from both countries. See more HERE.

Before leaving our country, especially for Diplomatic Spectrum, Mr. Mohammad Ali Kiani shared the following:

" Hello, my dear friends! Now that my mission and tenure as the Iranian cultural counselor in Bulgaria has finished after four years of efforts filled with honor in line with the betterment and expansion of cultural ties between the two countries of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Bulgaria, and I am going to leave your country on the 10th of October, 2017. I would like to express my grateful thanks to the honorable cultural officials of Bulgaria and all those interested in the thousand years of Iranian culture and civilization. 

Undoubtedly, your useful collaboration and active support has played an important role in the development of cultural relationships and consequently the expansion of diplomatic and political ties between the two sides.

Wish you all best and the most success." 

Photo provided by: The Cultural Representation of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Republic of Bulgaria