On March 14 and 15 in the building of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists was held  the General Assembly of the largest journalists’ organization in Bulgaria. On it for the first time in the history of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists was elected a woman as its chairperson - Snezhana Todorova.

From a total of 108 valid votes cast, she won 62 votes. Other candidates for the job, all of them men were Svetoslav Terziev - 16, Krum Blagov – 9, Valentin Kolev – 8, Petyo Blaskov – 7, Emil Pink - 6.
The new Chairwoman of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists Snezana Todorova is well known to the journalists in the country. She knows the Bulgarian guild quite well as well. She started working in the International Cooperation Department of the Union more than 35 years ago and later became its chief secretary. In the months before the General Meeting, Snezhana Todorova was the Acting Chairman of the Board. Recently, in connection with the celebration of 120 years of organized journalistic movement in Bulgaria, in an interview she recalled the famous thought of Joseph Herbst, one of the  Chairmen of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists: "No body to please, defiance to no one". We wish her to be able to defend this statement and work for its implementation in the journalistic practice of all members of the Union - more than 4300 journalists, grouped in 170 societies.

Photo: Marie Kanalyan