The news exploded during the opening of the International Meeting of journalists from the Balkans and the Black Sea region on 20 September in the town of Varna.

The president of the Association of Journalists of Moudania / Turkey / - Yavuz Gercekci, delighted us with the message that a memorial plaque of Konstantin Fotinov will be placed in the park in the municipality of Nilufer, the town of Bursa. The official opening is expected to be in November.

The idea belongs to ​​the Union of Bulgarian Journalists / UBJ /, which, thanks to the Association of Journalists of Moudania, won the support of the local authorities.

Yavuz Gercekci clarified that the park is located in Gyoryukle where immigrants from Bulgaria mostly live. The plaque will be fixed on a centennial plane tree, which is under the special care of the municipality. Nilüfer Municipality has already started landscape project activities. The entire monument will bear the name of Konstantin Fotinov, and there will be a place where the biography of the founder of Bulgarian periodicals will be presented.


What is the story?


Erdogan Pacino, a member of the Association of Journalists of Moudania and participant in the international meeting of journalists from the Balkans and the Black Sea region told us the story. He has been working as a journalist for 28 years already and as he said in all that time he worked in the name of peace, democracy and good neighborly relations.

In connection with the implementation of a European project two months ago a delegation of Bulgarian journalists, led by Snezana Todorova, Chair of the Board of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists, visited the Association of Journalists of Moudania. It was then when Erdogan Pacino, the main engine of the project and his colleagues got acquainted with the idea of ​​the Union of Bulgarian Journalists: "We went to the Mayor of Nilüfer municipality, Bursa, asking him to address the issue, and he immediately asked:" Does Konstantin Fotinov have anything to do with the history Bursa? "Then I reminded him that the founder of the Turkish Republic Kemal Ataturk as a military attaché in Bulgaria learned Bulgarian language through the magazine of Konstantin Fotinov "Lyuboslovie". He got excited and said: "Maybe his case has nothing to do with Bursa, but as he is connected with the history of Turkey and has contributed to journalism , peace and good neighbourly relations, we have to do something." And supported the idea.

As a place to honor the memory of Konstantin Fotinov has been chosen the tree of longevity – the plane tree, to make his name, and his work long-living. You know that Konstantin Fotinov died in Turkey, but still do not know exactly where. We believe that he has contributed a lot to the journalistic profession and the peace. "

In the Name of Peace and Good Neighbourly Relations

Here is what the Mayor of Nilufer, Bursa - Mustafa Bozbey, who congratulated the participants in the international meeting of journalists from the Balkans and Black Sea region said on that occasion using video streaming: „Dear friends, journalists ... I would like to give you warmest greetings on behalf of the Municipality of Nilufer, Bursa. I know that now our friends journalists from Moudania are together with you.
FOTINOV! Maybe that name causes some thought and association in each of you.... A Bulgarian journalist who issued the first Bulgarian magazine "Lyuboslovie" in Turkey. Born in Bulgaria, but published the magazine in Turkey.
I think that paying tribute to his memory would really be of great benefit to our good neighborly relations. When talking about free media, independent media, media that works in the name of peace, we remember all journalists. One of them is Fotinov.
As representatives of Nilüfer Municipality, we always work in the name of freedom, future, friendship and democracy. We must be able to pass all these values to future generations. We approach the case of Fotinov with great responsibility.
Therefore, in order to pay tribute to the Bulgarian educator and in his memory we chose the tree of longevity – the plane tree. It is located in the Balkan neighborhood of Bursa, where mainly emigrants from Bulgaria live. A memorial plaque will be placed close to the tree and and a small park will be built. In such a way we will pay our tribute to his work.

In this way we will fulfill our responsibility and pass to the future generations the memory of his work and life.”

Photo "Diplomatic spectrum" magazine