Maria Marinova and Maya Popova told us about the visit in the hall of the Institute "Confucius" in Sofia on the 22th of December.

The advent mood of the audience rose from the wonderful performances of the Bulgarian and Chinese opera enactments by the soloists of the Sofia Opera-Silvana Pravcheva and Stefan Vladimirov. With them they reminded part of the repertoire of our great artists included in the composition of the cultural delegation back then.

The cultural relations between Bulgaria and China are an important aspect of the history of the Bulgarian-Chinese diplomatic relations. A strong point in them is the visit of our delegation of artists under the direction of the renowned opera singer and popular artist Mihail Popov, in the autumn of 1955 in China. Musicians, dancers, folk and opera singers stayed there for more than two months. They had many concerts in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Suzhou and other cities. The audience welcomed them enthusiastically. The Chinese media, unlike the Bulgarian ones, broadly reflected the visit. The concerts of our artists were personally attended by Mao Zedong and Zhou Anlay.

Maya Marinova and Maria Popova, daughter of the legendary Mihail Popov, present the memories of this visit today thanks to the well-preserved personal archive of the singer and the publications in the Chinese media.

Photo: Diplomatic Spectrum magazine