Over the beautiful Bulgarian holiday of Lazarovden, on the 8th of April, the Zoological Garden of Sofia organized a festive concert dedicated to the adopters of animals and to the donors.

Its host was Petar Vuchkov, the legendary journalist of the television show "A Minute is a Lot" and a great friend of the Zoo. The audience was delighted with the performances of the children's vocal group "Sladkishcheta" and the ladies’ vocal group "Naslada" with coach Radoslav Stoimenov - Rado Show, as well as with the children's vocal group "Mickey Mouse", led by Vyara Panteleeva.

But the great surprise for the children and the adults were the wonderful songs of the pop-performer HristoPaskalev-Pascal. His musical greeting was also on the occasion of the 129th anniversary of the Zoological Garden of Sofia, the oldest and largest on the Balkan Peninsula.

The director of the Zoo - architect Dobromir Borislavov reminded that next year it will be celebrated the 130 years since its foundation and promised an even bigger concert as well as a series of bright events. He solemnly gave the passports to the adopters of the past year. The "Adopter’s Day" and "The Primates Day" donor program continues. You can find out more about it HERE.

There was also a quiz with prizes and surprises for the children at the feast. Of great interest to them were the eight giant ostrich eggs, painted by students of the St. Luke National School of Applied Arts for the Easter holidays. They were donated to a charity auction, the funds from which will be used to provide care for a couple of swans in the lake.

Photos: "Diplomatic Spectrum" and archive of the Zoological Garden of Sofia.

Top: HristoPaskalev - Pascal

Below: Children's vocal groups with lead Petar Vuchkov; The director of the Zoo - arch. Dobromir Borislavov, who handed the passports of the adoptive parents, the eight ostrich eggs, painted for Easter.