During the International Book Fair in Beijing this August, Lyuben Kozarev, manager of the "East-West" Publishing House, and Petko Hinov, a Chinese-Bulgarian translator, were awarded the Prize for Special Contribution to the Chinese Book.

The "China Book Award for Special Contributions" is an extremely prestigious state award of the People's Republic of China. The prize was established by the Mass Media and Publishing Administration, with the aim of distinguishing publishers, writers and translators with a significant contribution to the distribution, the translation and publication of Chinese books, as well as, towards fostering cultural exchanges between Chinese and other world cultures.

This recognition is the result of long-standing constant efforts by the "East-West" publishing team to deliver the best of the Chinese classical and contemporary literature, translated in uncompromising quality. Petko Hinov, with whom the "East-West" has been working for years, has translated emblematic books from Chinese, for the publishing house.

Of the over 200 people nominated this year for the "Special Contribution to the Chinese Book", only 20 have been nominated to receive it. And Petko Hinov is one of the three who have been invited to give a thank-you speech while receiving this prize.

The material is provided by the "East-West" Publishing House.