On September 9, H. E. Mr. Stefan Gorda, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Moldova to the Republic of Bulgaria and his wife,

Mrs. Lidia Gorda, gave a reception at the Marinela Hotel Sofia, on the occasion of the country's national holiday. The Independence Day is connected to the date of August 27 1991, when the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova adopted the Declaration of Independence from the USSR.

At the reception H. E. Mr. Stefan Gorda first greated the guests and the Moldovan diaspora in Bulgaria. He emphasized that their presence at the holiday is a proof that the strong and friendly relations between our countries are being developed by people investing their time and energy in it. And he summarized the past dynamic and challenging year for Moldova:

Moldovan society, again, during the parliamentary elections in February made a clear choice in favour of democratic developmentand the rule of law. I want to mention - out of 101 members of the Parliament, 2 deputies are from Bulgarian community, and this fact is very important for our friendship. Not less important, we have been witnessing the friendly supportof our partners, especially from EU and US. The mandate given by the citizenwas extremely clear and the authorities are more than ever committed to fight corruption, to implement deep and very necessary reforms.

Moldova made further strides to rebuild closer relations with the European Union. Moldovan citizen get to know better their European peers, benefitting from the visa liberalization regime and continuously expanding trade with EU, strengthening the economic foundation of our independence,thanks to the DCFTA with UE. As a result, over 70 percent of our exportations are directed to the EU market. Now, further steps are being considered, primarily through implementing common infrastructure projects which will benefit people and business communities, but also will enhance our independence in fields like transportation, energy and communication. Nevertheless, there is one thing that stands absolutely clear - after 28 years of independence the only viable strategy for Moldova is the European integration, as the pre-condition for the progress, independence and territorial integrity of our country.

As for the cooperation between Moldova and Bulgaria, which has also developed significantly over the past year, with the support of Sofia for Chisinau at EU level, the Ambassador emphasized in wonderful Bulgarian:

The link between Moldova and Bulgaria has also advanced significantly this year, with Sofia supporting us at EU level. We note a significant increase in Bulgarian investment in Moldova over the last year. Likewise, Moldova is increasingly interested in interconnecting with the South East Europe's transport, energy and digital infrastructure, so there is much work to be done in this direction. We are very pleased with the encouraging words from Bulgaria's Vice President Iliana Yotova on the occasion of our holiday. Thank you very much for your support on the European path of the Republic of Moldova and we also enjoy the assistance Bulgaria provides to the communities of the Republic of Moldova.

Bulgaria's self-help in enhancing its institutional capacity is particularly valuable. We can say with great pride that thanks to the excellent cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Diplomatic Institute, we were able to create in Moldova a Diplomatic Institute, following the Bulgarian model, and the Bulgarian government came with considerable support for the newly created institute.
In the same way, the cooperation between the embassy and the Ministry of Education in Bulgaria triggered the initiative to transform the University of Taraclia into a branch of the University of Ruse. Such joint actions show that everything we do together is for the benefit of the citizens of both countries, and good cooperation between the institutions is always our concern. I am already in my fourth year in Sofia and I can say for sure - Moldovans and Bulgarians are really cousins. We pay special attention to young people because we want young Bulgarians from Moldova to better understand the benefits of European integration, to learn from Bulgaria's values ​​and progress and to apply this experience in Moldovan cities and villages. I see the Bulgarian community in Moldova as part of a large European family.

On this occasion, I am grateful to Bulgaria for the friendship and continued support of Moldova. I would particularly like to acknowledge the contribution of our country's friends in Plovdiv, where the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Moldova successfully operates, headed by Mr. Veselin Chipev, who actively and professionally promotes our country. The warmest and most sincere congratulations to our diaspora in Bulgaria for its valuable contribution to the promotion of Moldova and its good name abroad.
At the end the Ambassador thanked the people for their invaluable assistance in organizing the reception, namely the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Moldova in Plovdiv Veselin Chipev.

Then, with projected shots of Moldovan traditions and songs as a background, all present had the chance to enjoy paintings of Moldovan artists, as well as the special stand with "eco" products offering business opportunities.

The numerous guests, including ambassadors, diplomats, officials, journalists and friends of the country, had the opportunity to taste the wonderful Moldovan wines and traditional dishes.

 Photos provided by the Embassy of Moldova.