Winter tale, romantic ally whispering of ski, spa and youth.

Photo: Vitosha in late January, 2017. Photographer - Yane Gadzhev

We met with this charismatic man at the entrance of the famous Viennese park. Engineer Gerhard Pledl, Head of department MA 42 "Viennese parks" of the municipality of Vienna,

The Slovakian capital captivates at first sight. By entering the new bridge over the Danube towards its centre, it confronts us with all its charm.

Right from the moment I got off the plane at the "Indira Gandhi" airport in New Delhi one early morning of March, I got the strong feeling that I am far, far away from home ... I stepped on a shiny yellow carpet full of oriental ornaments.

Morocco - this big, interesting and fast growing economic country in the Northwest Africa, which attracts millions of tourists from all over the world, is one hundred per cent "the country of travels". The options for traveling in Morocco are so many and so different that it is not possible to see everything at once.

From 8 to 15 November a delegation from the Union of Bulgarian Journalists invited by the of All-China Journalists Association visited China. The hosts have chosen the topic "Chinese people.