With regards to quality the Bulgarian herbs are equal to the Himalayan ones

This smart, energetic and resourceful woman was born in the town Pazardzhik. She graduated pharmacy with specialty in chemistry in 1980 from the Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski". From 1984 to 1988, she specialized in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences “indole alkaloids" under the guidance of prof. Mollov and prof. Ognyanov. After 1989, she started a private business in the field of enzyme additives to petrol, creating "industry standards" for their commercialization and quality.
Since 2005 she redirected her scientific interests in herbs and concentrated extracts from them. So far Rumyana Hristoskova has patented two syrups - Biontus and Bioktin that gained popularity recently. She produces them in her own factory / workshop / in the mountain village of Srednogorsko,Vinogradets village, Pazardzhik. It is known, however, that science is a passion that ignites achievements. And Rumiana Hristoskova continues with her studies – she is now in the final phase of development of a new natural product.

- Mrs. Hristoskova, the created by you Biontus product is a dietary supplement, which is now searched for in many pharmacies in the country. What is it exactly?
- Biontus aqueous extract is established by low-temperature technology, concentrating a wide variety of natural active substances: saponins, mucilage, essential oils, flavonoids, catechin tannin, vitamins, mineral salts and others. Exactly this state of ten herbs contained therein, leads to a synergism, and a large effect of the syrup is towards the lungs and mucosal routes.
Biontus has a strong anti-inflammatory, emollient and expectorant action.
- Does it mean that this syrup is a medicine?
- Yes, with regards to strength and speed its action is like a medical formulation. It is purely natural, without any chemical effects. It is certified as a dietary supplement. Its effect is observed at the first intake, which is superior in strength and speed in comparison with the action of some medicines.
- People aresearching for it, because it affects cough and lungwell. What is the impact of Bioktina?
- Bioktina is also a low temperature aqueous extract of nine herbs: buckthorn bark, roots harrow, senna fruit, senna leaf, corn hair deciduous Plantain leaf sprig whip, linseed, aloe. It has a strong detoxifying effect on the body. It purifies the intestinal and urogenital systems. I emphasize that it acts very positive and healing on the prostate gland, as it clears the harmful toxic reagents and reduces the volume and inflammation in it.
- Before the proprietary syrups as dietary supplements, you were dealing with the development of medicinal products?
- Yes. I have a patent for formulation - Semegran for the treatment of migraine in 2000, but I think that as the body's defence’s decrease with age, but also to prevent the body from chemical attack, the safest and most healthy way to treating are the extracts of herbs. And they have no negative impact.
Therefore, my research interest shifted its focus. I began to explore the biological impact of concentrates derived from plants through water or spirit form. I am currently in the process of developing new products from herbs which I also intend to realize in syrup form, since it is the best for people –it is quickly accepted by the body and is the friendliest to the stomach lining.
One of the products we develop now will affect the nervous system with mild sedative effect.
- Your syrups are unique natural extracts. But actually the healing power of nature has been used since ancient times...
- Yes. This is because the evolutionary pattern of life begins with the creation of the plants. With herbs and their diversity we are given a gift not only for the eyes, but mostly for the healthy and vitalconstruction of our human cells. To obtain a human cell resistant to attacks by viruses and bacteria, you have a strong collagen casing, which is constructed not only of amino acids, but also from almost the entire periodic table of trace elements. Our body absorbs them in the purest form from the herbs.
Herbs are the part of the plant species in which one does not have any interference. They are preserved unaltered natural bioactive components that create water extractions, and they are vital for the human body.
- Have we, the Bulgarians from the 21st century, learned to take advantage of nature?
- Although we have abundant wildlife, our nation has not learned to take advantage of its wealth of natural products given to us by herbs. And they contain not only all necessary elementsfor the body, but also those that prevent the growth of malignant tumour cells such as amygdalin. Few people know that it is located in the core of all stone fruit: cherry, apricot, almond and others.
- The basis of your syrups is Bulgarian herbs. What is their quality?
- Bulgaria is a country very rich in herbs - and diversity and content of biologically active components in them. In quality, the Bulgarian herbs are of world class; they are on par with theHimalayan ones and are superior to the Alp’s. The sun, our moist and moderately warm mountains, as well as the rich Bulgarian soil, create conditions for the erudition and creation of a particularly large amount of biologically active substances in them, which places them at the top of world herbal rankings. Are there more aromatic plants in the world than the Bulgarian rose, Bulgarian thyme, Bulgarian lemon balm...! This is the world majesty of the Bulgarian herb. It only remains for us to realize what we lose when we ignore what Mother Earth gives us...!

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