"This is a city of half-crazy people... there are few places where you'll find so many gloomy, harsh and strange influences on the soul of a man as in St. Petersburg."Fyodor Dostoevsky "Crime and Punishment"

The Embassy of the Republic of Argentina in the Republic of Bulgaria organized a photographic exhibition titled Argentina: World Friendly in Sofia.

There, among the "golden" pines of the Balkans, people meet you with the words: "Look high, breathe deep!"

The plane was about to land on the ground of the populated by 9 million Iranian capital. Within two days, we were landing in Tehran for the second time. This time it was around midnight. Beneath us were the bright and colourful lights that I had not seen in other cities.

We have listened and listen a lot about Iran; and what not. From the legends of the untold riches of Ancient Persia, to this day, when the country’s name is heard every day in the world media.