On the 28th of April, the "Humanity" foundation handed out its annual awards to groups and individuals that have expressed humanity and helped those into difficulty and trouble.

For the honorary statuette for 2016 the organization convicted the Union of Bulgarian Journalists / UBJ /. The award was presented by the President of the Foundation Corr. Prof. Dr. Lyuben Dimitrov to the Chairman of the Union of the Bulgarian Journalists Ms. Snezhana Todorova, at a ceremony in one of the halls of the Russian Cultural and Information Centre in Sofia.

The statuette, depicting a mother embracing a child, was given to the Union for its "humane" public activities contributing "to the democratization and civilization progress in the modern world" and on the occasion of the recent celebration of the 120th anniversary and the adoption of "the fundamental principles and objectives of the journalism". On behalf of the Union of the Bulgarian journalists Ms. Snezhana Todorova thanked for the high award and said:" The greatest human quality is humanity in actions and deeds, and this is an essential for our old and wise Union".

The sculpture is the work of the sculptor Ivan Blajev. Its holders so far are personalities such as Valery Petrov, Leda Mileva, Pavel Matev, Angel Vagenstein and others. For several years the "Humanity" foundation has handed it to collectives, as well: the Syndicate of the Bulgarian Teachers, BAS, and now to the Union of the Bulgarian Journalists.

Besides the honorary statuette, on the celebration was presented the "Knight of the Humanity Foundation" Prof. Dr. Donka Aleksandrova, a professor at the Sofia University" St. Kliment Ohridski ". For human and artistic activity with the same distinction and actress Ms. Tsvetana Platikanova was also awarded. Plaques of eminent personalities were given to the athlete Zdravka Yordanova, journalist Natalia Simeonova and the 15-year-old student from Stara Zagora - Maria Zvezdeva that saved the life of a driver of a trolleybus.

For the festive atmosphere of the event performances of the Academic Chamber Orchestra contributed at the "Humanity" foundation, as well as, the famous pianist Snezhana Barova.

Photo: "Diplomatic spectrum" magazine