On the 27th of October 2016, at the Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy at the BAS, the Prime Minister of Bulgaria Mr. Boyko Borisov officially announced the decision of the Council of Ministers to provide an earmarked fund of 3 million BGN,

to the Institute for Nuclear Research and nuclear Energy at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, for the establishment of a National cyclotron center. The event was attended by the Ambassador of the United States of America in our country - H. E. Mr. Eric Rubin. The cyclotron was purchased with the funds donated by the Department of Energy of the United States - nearly three million dollars, by NPP "Kozloduy" - two million dollars and 1 million BGN by MES. In order for the accelerator to work, funds were necessary for the construction of a specialized building, which will meet the safety requirements.

The cyclotron in INRNE-BAS is the accelerator with the best parameters in the Balkans at the moment. It will enable the production of the necessary quantities of Fluor18, in order to meet the needs of all PET scanners in Bulgaria and to reduce the waiting queues for examination. The great advantage of the accelerator is that it allows production of other isotopes, not only Fluor18 - and PET, but also SPECT-isotopes.

Information and photos are provided by the Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy, BAS.