It was held from the 12th to the 29th of January in the emblematic spaces for the cultural life of our city –the House of Cinema, the Euro Cinema, the Cultural Center G8, the Czech Centre and the Goethe Institute.

And this time it really did impress - with the number of the participating countries and the films of quality, as well as, with the numerous spectators.

Sofia MENAR Film Festival is organized by "Pozor" Association for the 9th time and aims to acquaint the Bulgarian buffs with the achievements of the feature films, documentaries and short films from the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa during the recent years. As well as the culture and traditions of the Islamic world. During the festival particularly themed events were held associated with the countries of these regions.

Most of the films shown at the festival have won numerous international awards. Besides Sofia, some of them were presented in Varna, Plovdiv and Stara Zagora.

This year’s, 9th festival of the Middle Eastern, Central Asian and North African cinema was organized in cooperation with the embassies of Azerbaijan, Algeria, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, and with the Cultural representation of the Embassy of IR Iran, Goethe Institute, the Cervantes Institute, The Czech Center,  Devam Foundation  and Club "Friends of India".