During the hot month of July in San Stefano Plaza complex /on the opposite side of the Bulgarian National Television/ a new restaurant from the "Shtastlivetsa" chain was opened.

But its cosiness can be felt, even now, in the cold October, when the soul can be warmed up by its beautiful setting and wonderful cuisine.

The famous chain of restaurants "Shtastlivetsa" started in 1997 in Veliko Tarnovo. There are 5 restaurants now - 2 in the old capital city, one in Stara Zagora and already two in Sofia. Its name is borrowed from the pseudonym of one of the greatest Bulgarian writers - Aleko Konstantinov. The interior decoration of the restaurants brings us back to the 30s of the last century with the atmosphere they create - typical of the urban style of the European homes at the time. And the kitchen is just overwhelming.

"For 20 years, we have gone a long way, full of tastes, aromas and memories. We walked together to get to the place where we are right now - "Shtastlivetsa- San Stefano Plaza", where the standards are refracted through the personal gaze and inspiration", shared the hosts.

The “Shtastlivetsa San Stefano Plaza” has 185 seats, including 60 on the inner terrace and 12 in the boutique VIP room. The restaurant also has a parking lot  for the convenience of the clients in this central part of the capital.

You can see more on the Facebook page of the "Shtastlivetsa"  restaurants or on www.shtastliveca.com.